The Begining

This is the first real entry in this blog.  There have been previous entries, and before I publicize this blog the previous entries will have been removed, their only purpose  being part of the self-training I have given myself on managing the blog and experimentation with various configuration options.

In May of 2005 I acquired my first Internet domain and developed a web site,  “II” has mainly been a learning experience and a creative experiment.  I have attempted with II to develop an amusing, content based web site, and am continuing ongoing “R & D” if you will, on the site, with a long term goal of the web site becoming a viable income source (fat chance, that).  It has also been a good de-stressing outlet for me.

With the development of the BFD Blog I am learning about the realm of blogging, and planning on using this blog as a vehicle for publishing various items that are of interest to me, that may be important to me, that may also be creative in terms of writing and the continued development of my writing skills, and creative in terms of expressing ideas and opinions.

I plan to eventually divide up the blog in to sections of various categories, but for the time being everything will exist in one “uncategorized” archive until I begin to build an inventory of “articles” and until I figure out what topical areas I want to explore.  Off the top of my head I am thinking about humorous and satirical topics, commentary on contemporary life, whether politics, news, science, human development, commercial/industrial development, or the world of arts.  Possibly recount some of my own life experiences.  In other words, this could be about anything.

I would also like to engage in any appropriate dialog with any readers of this blog, so if you come across this blog and find anything of interest that you would like to comment on, please feel free to do so.

(To add your comments, just click on the No Comments or the Comments link underneath the specific posting that you would like to comment on.)

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