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If Only It Were As Easy As Recording A Video

The headline of a story in the online edition of the New York Times August 27: “Fox News Journalists Free After Declaring Conversion”.  According to the news story the two captive journalists were released after they agreed to record a … Continue reading

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The Passion Of The Misguided (That Does Not Excuse Them From Being The Fool)

“Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”   — Mel Gibson Has this man’s misguided beliefs been tolerated far too long?  Tim Rutten, writing in the Los Angeles Times, in his column titled “REGARDING MEDIA -Clues Dismissed in Time … Continue reading

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The Intolerable Proposition

Recent events, occurring thousands of miles apart, but inextricably linked in my mind have got me to thinking.  Proposition: That tolerance, when exercised without due regard to rational restraint, will lead to the ultimate failure of that tolerance to effect … Continue reading

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Did They Get The Right Man (Or Skewed “Volunteerism”)?

It was all over the media yesterday, and today some of the details have come out.  In a story today, the headline in the New York Times reads: “Suspect Says He Kidnapped Ramsey, but Called Her Death ‘An Accident’”. The story … Continue reading

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Things We Would Like To See: Pertinent Road Signs

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Internet Journalism: The New Paradigm?

Just read an article in this week’s New Yorker titled “AMATEUR HOUR – Journalism Without Journalists” by Nicholas Lehmann: His basic premise is that while some are touting Internet news reporting as the new paradigm in news gathering and distribution, … Continue reading

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Have They No Shame Department: National Collector’s Mint

I caught a commercial on a cable channel today, it was hyping the “5th Anniversary World Trade Center Commemorative” coin.  The company behind this is the National Collectors Mint. They are touting a “truly unique commemorative…” it is a gold … Continue reading

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