Have They No Shame Department: National Collector’s Mint

I caught a commercial on a cable channel today, it was hyping the “5th Anniversary World Trade Center Commemorative” coin.  The company behind this is the National Collectors Mint.

They are touting a “truly unique commemorative…” it is a gold and silver coin, with a replica of the twin towers in relief, that actually is on a hinge, so you can stand up the towers perpendicular to the base coin.  Or, in their words: “This historic 2-piece memorial transforms into a magnificent standing sculpture of the Twin Towers, and is clad in 24 KT gold and .999 Pure Silver recovered from Ground Zero!”

They also state: “This groundbreaking non-monetary issue will never be released for circulation.”

Of course it will not be released in to circulation, it is not U.S. currency and it is not minted by the United States Mint.  Just another shameless opportunistic marketer trying to make a buck, actually 29 bucks and change, off the American public and our emotions after the tragedy of 9-11.

l suppose there are people who will buy this item, either out of a sense of patriotism, or to remember 9-11 and to honor those lost, or because they think this might  be a valuable collectable.  I have no idea if a numismatist would consider this item either worthy of collecting, or of value, but I find it personally offensive.

I’d like to declare the headquarters of the National Collectors Mint, and all the others who are engaged in the same activity, as a Ground Zero.

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