Did They Get The Right Man (Or Skewed “Volunteerism”)?

It was all over the media yesterday, and today some of the details have come out.  In a story today, the headline in the New York Times reads: “Suspect Says He Kidnapped Ramsey, but Called Her Death ‘An Accident'”.

The story relates that a man identified as John Mark Karr has been arrested by Thai authorities with the help of U.S. authorities in Bangkok and will be brought back to the United States, presumably to stand trial.  According to the news story Karr confessed to the murder of JonBenet Ramsey in 1996.

It is also reported that in apprently his only statement to the press, Karr stated: “I loved JonBenet very much,” he told reporters as he was brought into a Thai immigration detention center. “Her death was an accident.’’ 

The Times story goes on to say that Karr had told Thai authorities that his intention had not been to kill the Ramsey girl, but to kidnap and hold her for a ransome of $118,000.00.

The Times further reports: “As reporters and photographers jostled each other to get to him, one journalist shouted out: ‘Are you an innocent man?’ With a level stare, Mr. Karr answered, ‘no.'”


You loved someone, so you kidnapped them?  What kind of ransome figure is $118,000.00?  Where did he come up with that number?  Was he looking to buy a two bedroom tract house in a Midwest suburb somewhere?  Did he owe someone exactly $118,000.00?

Reading further in the story, that apparently is developing at a rapid pace, Karr’s ex-wife states that on December 25, 1996, the day that the Ramsey girl was killed, she and her then husband were together in Alabama.  Karr’s brother, Nate Karr has stated that to his knowledge, his brother has never lived in Colorado.

Is this a case of some off-balance wannabe, who has something skewed in their psychological make-up?  It has been reported that apparently Mr. Karr, who is a school teacher, has been implicated in other incidents that may have involved inappropriate behavior around children.  His former wife also stated that he seemed to obsess on the Ramsey case and on the case of Polly Klaas, the young girl from Petaluma, California who was abducted and murdered.  Karr also apparently lived in Petaluma for a time.

It will be interesting to see how the story of Mr. Karr and the Ramsey case plays out.  In recent statements, the local district attorney, who has revived and is pursuing the Ramsey case is being fairly cagey in her comments about the detention of Mr. Karr.

Think about it, in the statements quoted above, does this Karr character actually state “I killed JonBenet Ramsey”, or does he just say that he loved her and she is dead, and that no, he is not an innocent person, but guilty of what?  Is Mr. Karr simply “volunteering” in this case because he has some other guilt of his own, some need for therapeutic attention?

It seems that the saga, the pain of the JonBenet Ramsey case may not be over for the Ramsey family, not just yet. 

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3 Responses to Did They Get The Right Man (Or Skewed “Volunteerism”)?

  1. lynette says:

    crazy, isn’t it? i can’t imagine what goes on in the minds of either (a) someone who would rape and kill a child or (b) someone who would say s/he did when s/he had not. the world is full of kooks. they must be concentrated thickly somewhere else because i don’t in actuality know that many in my own life. or maybe people hide their kookiness effectively . . . ?

  2. Today, ten days after this posting, Mr. Karr is released from custody and is once again the least popular kid in classroom full of bullies. Good luck owning up to the arrest warrants in California.

  3. Big Fella says:

    A former FBI profiler who is a house pundit on MSNBC said this morning in essence that Karr will forever be marked as a “societal leper”. Anyone want to start a betting pool on when some fools, somewhere, will hire this guy to work with children again?

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