The Passion Of The Misguided (That Does Not Excuse Them From Being The Fool)

“Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world.”   — Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson Mug ShotHas this man’s misguided beliefs been tolerated far too long?  Tim Rutten, writing in the Los Angeles Times, in his column titled “REGARDING MEDIA -Clues Dismissed in Time of ‘Passion’ ” just might be on to something:

Mr. Rutten makes the case that the recurring theme of anti-Semitism that was recently manifested by Mel Gibson’s DUI arrest has been tolerated for far too long..  Significantly, this tolerance resulted in the unfettered production, promotion and marketing success of Mr. Gibson’s motion picture, “The Passion of the Christ”, which in Mr. Rutten’s words: “Gibson’s narrative was studded with the kinds of anti-Semitic caricatures once associated with medieval passion plays.”  Another, widely reported fact, as Mr. Rutten, reminds us is: “Then there was Gibson’s repeated refusal to disavow the views of his father and spiritual mentor, Hutton Gibson, a notorious anti-Semite and Holocaust denier, who cheerfully shares public platforms with unrepentant neo-fascists like the odious Willis Carto.” 

(“If Satan himself… had tried to create a… force for the destruction of the nations, he could have done no better than to invent the Jews.” –Willis Carto See: .)

When “The Passion of the Christ” was distributed, Mr. Gibson and his company, Icon Entertainment International, the producers and distributors, were able to harness a tremendous publicity machine comprised of members of various fundamentalist groups, Catholic groups; the “Religious Right”.  Members of these groups, most likely true believers, all, organized what only can be described as “religious pilgrimages” to theatrical performances of the motion picture.  The motion picture and Mr. Gibson were extolled in print, on radio and television, which in essence was an endorsement of Mr. Gibson’s one-sided, skewed perception of history and a given group of people.

At the time, it seems that there was not much of a hew and cry, if any, from members of groups to which Mr. Gibson’s ideas are antithetical.  In essence, Mr. Gibson’s beliefs and propaganda were tolerated by those potentially adversely affected by them. 

Is it not time for the paying customers of the motion picture industry to recognize that far from being a movie icon or a paragon of decent human values and peaceful co-existence, Mr. Gibson exemplifies all that is wrong with a passionate, misguided demigogue, on the same order of foolishness as extreme Islamist fundamentalists who believe that the annihilation of all non-believers is the will of Allah.  Mr. Gibson can count this writer among the formerly paying customers.

“They never open their mouths without subtracting from the sum of human knowledge.”   — Thomas Brackett Reed

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One Response to The Passion Of The Misguided (That Does Not Excuse Them From Being The Fool)

  1. lynette says:

    since alcohol is notorious for lowering one’s inhibitions, i have no doubt that the hate that spewed from his mouth under the influence was precisely what was in his mind, what he was thinking.

    hate is also notorious for corrupting the heart and soul of a person; living with that inside could drive one to drink.

    yup, i’m done with him too.

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