B.F. Is In The House!

After a twelve day expedition though a major “house of fun” at an outpost of the American health care system, the Mrs. broke me out last night (despite threats of reinsinsurtion of the 3 inch fire hose up the family jewels by one of the care providers).  The Big Fella will resume blogging shortly, and maybe more details of this adventure will follow.

UPDATE: 19-Oct-06

Have not quite got back to “fighting weight”, many more weeks recuperating flat on my back. But… I’ll be back (spoken in a heavy Austrian-Republican accent).

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2 Responses to B.F. Is In The House!

  1. lynette says:

    oh lawzee, a 3″ hose? criminitly, i don’t even have any jewels and that hurts to read . . . looking forward to an update. big hugs, lynette

  2. russkar says:

    Allow me to be your Doc for the day. You’ll be jumping around before you know it?
    While you were relaxing I was eating my way through LA and Beyond. I know you were reading all about it on CH.

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