The Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame: OJ Simpson

We at BFD consider it our civic responsibility and moral duty to hereby establish the Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame.  It is our belief that contrary to any notion of heaping yet more attention on these less than human beings, that induction in to the hall of fame reminds our readers of the despicable and heinous behavior of these individuals, so that we are all sensitive to and duly suspicious of and take appropriate measures to protect ourselves and our families and associsates from the narcistic behavior of individuals that we will encounter from time to time, throughout our lives.  It is also our intent to use the hall of fame as a reminder of and tribute to those who have been victimized by these narcissists, and to reinforce the notion that these individuals should be ostracized by civil society and remain pariahs not just for the remainder of their lives on Earth, but for all of eternity.

By acclamation the staff at BFD, former football star, erstwhile actor/celebrity, woman beater, and arguably cold blooded murderer, OJ Simpson, has been inducted as the first member of the Narcissists’ Hall Of Fame.  This first induction has been a “no brainer” given the immiment publication of Simpson’s ghost-written If I Did It, and the coordinated broadcast on the Fox network of the interview by his publisher, Judith Regan.

Ms. Regan claims the book is a virtual confession by Simpson.  Given the protection of the rules on double jeopardy that Simpson enjoys, and the fact that he escaped California and established residence in Florida, which has a protected homestead law.  It is no surprise that the attention loving Simpson not pass up an opportunity to thumb his nose at the rest of us, and possibly make some money out of it.

Supposedly any profits Simpson accrues from the book will go to a trust for his children.  Even if true, that  is ludicrous from a man who has deprived his children of their mother and virtually ruined their lives.

Here is an idea: Don’t anyone, except the television media during this sweeps month buy the book.  The media will fill us all in on the details, that is a certainty, but let’s not allow this book to become any kind of “best seller”.  We don’t need to help Simpson line his pockets, we need to shun him and hopefully he will crawl back under his rock.

For a current summary of the Simpson saga, check out today’s article in the New York Times.

UPDATED: 20-Nov-06

As reported by the Associated Press, the Simpson book and interview have been cancelled, per Rupert Murdoch: “I and senior management agree with the American public that this was an ill-considered project, we are sorry for any pain that this has caused the families of Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.”

Does this mean Murdoch has a conscience, or was it just a business decision?

Updated 28-Nov-06

MSNBC reported today that ABC Entertainment was going to produce a Barbara Walters interview with OJ, but that Barbara subsquently backed out, and ABC had to pay Newscorp a $1 million penalty for backing out of the deal.  Crafty old Rupert, a master at making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

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