Another Cardinal Makes A Payoff

It was reported by the Associated Press today that the Los Angeles Archdiocese of the Catholic Church will pay out $60 Million to settle abuse claims.  Cardinal Roger Mahoney is quoted as saying:

“It’s a day of healing and reconciliation as we move forward with these 45 cases…”

No, Roger, the healing will not happen until you clean out all of the skeletons under your protection, and you step down and acknowledge your mis-management of the whole sorded affair all these years.

It is also time that Catholic parishioners wake up to the fact that these payoffs, which serve only to sweep the scandal under the carpet have come out of their pockets.  The Catholic church has historically targeted people of poor economic means, people from under developed societies throughout the world, prostelyzing to these people and taking in their tithes, and for what, to shuttle around deviant priests, payoff hush money and build monuments to massage the egos of their leaders, such as Roger Mahoney and his Los Angeles cathedral.

Shame on you all.

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One Response to Another Cardinal Makes A Payoff

  1. lynette says:

    what a horror this has been. i think there must be thousands and thousands of victims who will never come forward, never admit what happened.

    then i think “what the hell is going on with these priests?” and it occurs to me that perhaps men who have these tendencies ~ urges, whatever ~ are drawn to the priesthood in an effort to find healing and freedom from temptation.

    i don’t understand the urge to molest children. i don’t think it can be cured. obviously it can be arrested if there is no opportunity available, but certainly the priesthood is not a place where opportunities are few.

    i think if a child is molested, it’s better that it would be a complete stranger, a snatch off the playground, than to experience this at the hands of a beloved and trusted figure in the family or in the church. how devastating that must be to the child’s view of the world, sense of safety and security. ugh. this is an awful thing.

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