Battle Of The Big Mouth Titans

The most entertaining “news” this week, hands down, has been the ongoing verbal battle between two of the biggest mouths in celebritydom, Rosie O’Donnell and Donald Trump.  O’Donnell a Titan of the disenfranchised and advocate of gay pride, and Trump, a classic and accomplished huckster (or “snake oil salesman” in the words of O’Donnell) who thinks he is a Titan of the business world had at it after O’Donnell criticized Trump during her appearance on The View this week.  (A rundown of the whole bruhaha is here, here and here.)

By Friday, The Donald had escalated the exchange of fire to near nuclear level, while Rosie, wisely, kept her trap shut.  From where we sit, both Rosie and The Donald make some valid points about each other, but as The Donald has continued to escalate the hostilities, all he has done is underscore his own hidden insecurities and a nasty, street fighting proclivity.  The Donald may not think much of Rosie as a woman, but he seems to have missed out on some home training in terms of the fact that gentlemen don’t behave the way he has with ladies.

The Donald probably figures “What the hell, it makes me feel good spewing this crap, and any publicity is good publicity.”

With his appearance on the Fox network on Friday evening, The Donald sunk to a new low in this high intensity skirmish and his performance, which is reproduced here, has qualified him to be the latest recipient of The Hair Club For Men Howard Cossell Memorial Perpetual Trophy:


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One Response to Battle Of The Big Mouth Titans

  1. lynette says:

    what an absolute ass. this is a grown man? a businessman? referring to another grown up individual as “fat and ugly?” that just blows me away. donald trump may be worth “many billions of dollars” but it’s been at the cost of his vendors, creditors, bondholders who have suffered Trump’s filing for bankruptcy protection at least twice. he is a media creation, just another fat cat businessman with a combover feeding at the public trough at every opportunity. a pox upon this pig of a man.

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