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A Lesson On Capitalism From The Totalitarian Economic Handbook

Apparently the People’s Republic of China is not one to miss any economic opportunity, even those presented by dead criminals. This story recently received some play in the Los Angeles Times, however, the practice has been known to be going on for a few years, according the U.S. Department of State. The gist of these articles is the fact that Chinese authorities apparently look the other way and allow organs to be harvested from recently executed criminals, and then to be sold through the medical establishment at a very high profit (since the raw material does not cost the govenment anything).

The research department at the BFD Blog’s, parent, Indefatigable-Indolence, did some digging (not of bodies) and based upon II’s projections of as many as 10,000 executions (both acknowledged and not acknowledge by Chinese government authorities) in the year 2007, the Chinese government may reap as much as $1,804,000,000.00 of income from previously used body parts. This breaks down as follows:

20,000 eyes = $300,000,000.00

20,000 kidneys = $600,000,000.00

10,000 livers= $300,000,000.00

10,000 hearts = $400,000,000.00

20,000 lungs = $600,000,000.00

So now we know how China is paying for the Olympics. This economic strategy would not fly in the U.S. we have a much smaller population of condemned prisoners and they tend to live a very long life, exhausting their constitutional rights. Which in our opinion is the right thing to happen, but darn it sure would be nice if we could offset the cost of incarceration with some related revenue.

Maybe a voluntary program of eye, ear, hand, lung, kidney, and leg donations. In exchange for donating one of their redundant organs, American convicts could have some time shaved off their sentences. That would generate income to sustain our prison system, reduce overhead by releasing prisoners sooner, and make it a bit more difficult for criminals to return to a life of crime

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