The Criminal Mind

Tripped Up By Lack Of Proper Firearms Training

The following item was published in the Los Angeles Times recently:

“A Cathedral City man was arrested Friday on suspicion of robbery and other crimes after he ran into a gas station store at Casino Morongo wielding a tennis racket and shouting that he was robbing the store and had an Uzi assault rifle, authorities said.

Ernesto Martinez, 20, pointed the tennis racket as if it were a gun, said he planned to kill everyone inside and burn the store down, then set a sheet of paper on fire, authorities said.  Morongo security officers took the tennis racket from him and handcuffed him.”

Now even a half witted armed robber knows that you can’t run in to a convenience store brandishing a tennis racket (especially within spitting distance of Palm Springs) and think you can fake out your victims in to thinking you have a UZI.  Was he planning on lobbing some tennis balls at the clerk?  What this fool should have done was take a ping pong paddle, wear a coat, and hide the paddle under the coat, with the handle pointing out, in imitation of a hand gun barrel.  But then, of course, he would have run the risk of being picked-up on a concealed weapon charge.

What was the deal with the burning sheet of paper?  Any really smart half witted crook would have filled an open bucket with a gallon of gas at the pump first, then walked in to the store threatening to flic his Bic.

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One Response to The Criminal Mind

  1. timothy says:

    i know ernesto. and what happened is he was drugged with a marijuana joint laced with pcp by a couple of black guys when he was trying to score some weed. he was a cool guy before the pcp. now hes completely insane. he did 4 months in jail and is now on probation for 3 years.

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