“Product Placement” In Blogs

This just seems kind of reprehensible to the staff and management here at BFD, there are companies who will pay bloggers to mention their client’s products, or worse, make up false testimonials.  Please see the article headlined: “Blogging for dollars raises qustions on online ethics” by Josh Friedman in the Los Angeles Times.

According to the article the advertisting brokers behind this are claiming its just a new way of looking at advertisting, like what, subliminal messages inserted in to movies or video?  Apparently the FTC does not take very kindly to this type of deception, and they do require anyone practicing this to prominently disclose on their blogs that they are practicing this.  Anyone want to speculate how many of these whorish bloggers are honestly disclosing their arrangements?

Note to bloggers: You want to attempt to generate income from your blog via advertisting, fine, but do it honestly, out in the open, and not in any deceptive, underhanded way, you are undermining the credibility of millions of honest bloggers if you justify this behavior for yourself.

Note to blog readers: Just like anything else, “buyer beware”, and “don’t believe everything you read”.


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One Response to “Product Placement” In Blogs

  1. lynette says:

    corrupted by commerce, just like the rest of the land. sigh.

    damn, and i could have been making money????

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