College Sports Coaches As Charity Cases

There are two motivating factors for us at BFD for making charitable contributions, to play our part and give back something to the greater commnity, and to counter-act the annual income tax bite.  It gives us a good feeling to lend a helping hand when we are able, as much as it pleases us to reduce our tax liability.  In order to feel that our hard earned dollars are going to worthy causes and not being wasted, we do perform some research before adding an organzation to our list of personal philanthropies.

We rely on what we read in the media and on tools such as Charity Navigator to make informed decisions about our giving.  It is likely that if we were in a position to give really significant amounts of money (relative to our income) we would probably do even more, direct research, with the organizations we are considering donating to.  Be that as it may, we don’t want what we have scraped together to be wasted, and many years ago we ceased supporting The United Way, and more recently have elected to not give to the American Red Cross, finding their use of funds donated relative to the Katrina disaster severly lacking in effectiveness.

There are any number of worthy organizations or causes that we might donate to, and while we have in essence “blacklisted” some organizations from our personal list, we still have many options.  One option that we are removing from our list, however, is any college or university that is a big player in the sports world.  As documented in this article at Charity Navigator, we have no desire to contribute to any college sports coach’s million dollar salary, let alone any quarter of a million dollar or more salary.  Sports franchises at colleges and universities exist for two purposes, to attract money to the institutions, and to feed trained “workers” to the sports-entertainment industry.

We would rather our hard earned dollars go towards feeding, housing, healing and educating the underserved humans in this world, not feeding the coffers of an overendowed college cash machine, not contributing to the good life enjoyed by college sports coaches that are probably grossly over renumerated in comparison to the majority of teachers; not helping a college athelete on his or her quest to a lucrative, but short-lived career where they will be contributing nothing to society but some fleeting entertainment, and giving false hope of the “players’ life” to so many starry eyed youth.

This is truly apalling: Tom Crean, basket ball coach, Marquette University, $1,655,189 annual salary.

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One Response to College Sports Coaches As Charity Cases

  1. lynette says:

    just one more example of the corruption of america by money. tom crean could save 200,000 people a lot of misery and agony by donating a mere $40 million of that salary to combat parasites in africa. 20 cents per person per year. and he gets that per year? the world is mad.

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