Mel Gibson: Foot-In-Mouth-Disease Persists

The anti-semitic, revisionist filmaker did it again while making a speaking appearance at a film class at California State University, Northridge (CSUN) yesterday evening.  As reported by and others, Mel had a meltdown when confronted by an assistant professor of Central American studies about the accuracry of his depiction of the Mayan culture.  As the assistant professor, Alicia Estrada continued to press Gibson, he exploded and told Estrada,

“Lady, F*** off!”

As posted today in the Molly Good blog, Gibson seemed to later dig the hole deeper for himself,

While Gibson has apologized for his outburst, he stresses that he still stands by his research and his film’s accuracy, saying, “What do these nitpicking bitches want? I saw From Dusk Till Dawn seven f***ing times before Apocalypto began shooting.”

We at BFD don’t quite understand that last statement as From Dusk Till Dawn was clearly a fictional work, specifically devised to be a horror film, by director Robert Rodriguez, with no pretense of being factual or based upon any true story, was Gibson saying his research for Apocalypto was the screening of From Dusk Till Dawn?  Maybe Gibson is not simply a bigoted demagogue, maybe all he is just a misinformed, ignorant, uneducated, boorish fool, the product of his bigoted upbringing and his addiction to alcohol.

Mel, calm down, clean-up your life, get honest with yourself, get appropriate medical and psychiatric counseling, your self-destruction of your brain cells is already quite apparent, you are not going to get any new cells, so for your own good, fix the ones you have left, otherwise you will end up talking only to yourself:



      The meltdown at CSUN.   


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5 Responses to Mel Gibson: Foot-In-Mouth-Disease Persists

  1. Stanley says:

    Mel obviously had one (thousand) too many Gibson’s to drink during his lifetime. When one pickles ones brain the neurons fall mainly down the drain.

  2. Big Fella says:

    Stanley, are you getting poetic on us?

  3. Jim says:

    I’m no Gibson fan, but it’s pretty generous of such a big star to come talk to a film class. If the woman was really hectoring him, that strikes me as pretty inappropriate. Of course, his reaction was inexcusable. But I can understand why he’d be pissed off, finding himself trapped and grilled when he was trying to be a good guy.

  4. Big Fella says:

    Regarding Jim’s comment, the evening news tonight depicted a different picture of the incident, from that first reported, it seemed that the consensus in the room was that the assistant prof and her cohorts might have been “gunning” for Gibson. However, someone in his position, who depends upon public acceptance to make his living, needs to comport himself to a higher standard. Especially in the light of his recent history.

    He did not behave like a gentleman, and he should have, now more than ever. In terms of his generosity, OK, accept it at face value if you wish, but don’t overlook the possibility that EVERY public appearance may have been crafted by his handlers for maximum effectiveness in a pragmatic strategy of rehabilitation of his reputation, but for some of us, his reputation is irrevocably cast.

  5. Ms. Place says:

    Mel’s reputation was his to lose. He had garnered years of good will playing the handsome but funny tongue in cheek leading man. Now, he just looks tired and old and angry. And he’s fallen far from his pedestal. (Still not as creepy as Cruise, though.)

    I was (and still am) a huge Gibson fan. Seems that all the money in the world won’t buy you happiness.

    I’m not rich but content. That gives me the right to feel pity for Mel.

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