Is This What Google Thinks Of Us?

Ever on the job, the BFD anal retentive Quality Control department was inspecting our pages today and found that on our home page Google has served up 10 ads with titles of: Sex Offender Registry, Sexual Predator Maps, Sex Offenders Registry, Find Sex Offenders, Sex Offender Photos, Sex Ringtones, Sex Offender Registry, Sex Offender Information, Sex Offenders Records, Sex Offender Search, and a display ad touting 100% Free Online Dating.

This makes us wonder how Google’s algorithm is configured for their content sensitive advertising.  Staff and management here at BFD certainly don’t consider this a porno or sexual deviancy blog, currently displayed on the BFD home page are posts about Mel Gibson, the shafting of our career military, the shortchanging of our reserve military & national guard, pygmy rabbits, the Pentagon’s wounded warrior hotline, Mel Gibson again, Garrison Keillor & Ann Coulter, Phil Spector, the Catholic church pedophilia scandal, cats that look like Hitler, college coaches feeding at the charity trough, Dick Cheney & Haiburton, and product placement in blogs.

On second thought, the algorithm results do seem to make sense.

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