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Deal? No Deal!

In typical fashion, Paul D. Wolfowitz, a long time Bushliburton administration operative, took a hard line, rebuting growing calls for his dismissal as president of the World Bank, stating: “The goal of this smear campaign, I believe, is to create … Continue reading

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The Criminal Mind

Blind Love Leads To Incarceration Antonio Moreno, of Inglewood, California had a problem.  He was in love.  The love of his life, however, lives in Santa Barbara, California, about 100 miles distant, and Antonio did not have any wheels of … Continue reading

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Taking Us To The Dark Side…

and it is not pretty. <a href="“&gt;. The story of an innocent Afghan taxi driver, captured by U.S. forces, taken to Bagram Air Force Base and ultimately tortured to death, during George W. Bush’s watch.  The documentary film Taxi To … Continue reading

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Renowned Feline Specialist Gives His All For A Cat

As reported today in the Los Angeles Times, James Richards, the director of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Feline Health Center was killed yesterday, while riding on his motorcycle.  Apparently he tried to avoid running over a cat … Continue reading

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Setting The Record Straight

Jessica Lynch set the record straight today during her testimony before the House Committee on Oversight & Reform.  Ms. Lynch does not consider herself a hero, as made out by the Army and the Administration in the early days of … Continue reading

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Liviu Librescu: An Example Of Mankind At It’s Best

BFD honors the memory of Liviu Librescu, 76, Holocaust survivor, husband, father, teacher, hero. This was a man who survived arguably one of the worst eras in human history, who prevailed, who became educated, who contributed to the advancement of … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church: Breaking One Commandment Was Not Enough

Note: previously reported here was the first, and we thought, the only instance of the Catholic church going to extraordinary lengths to avoid their responsibility by breaking one of the ten commandments, we were too optimistic.  Apparently breaking the 9th commandment (old … Continue reading

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