Alas, Allied No More

In business for 61 years, Allied Model Trains, in Culver City, California, which bills itself as the largest model train store in the world has been sold.  The shop in a building that was built to replicate Los Angeles’ Union Station will be moved to a storefront across the street.

Why the new owners would give up this so appropos real estate is puzzling, and may portend worse things to come for model railroaders, as the store’s web site announced a sale intended to clean out its inventory.

Wonder what the plans are for this building now?

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2 Responses to Alas, Allied No More

  1. Stanley says:

    It would make one heck of a Mexican restaurant…(how sick am I that food is the first, last and only thing on my brain?). At least the need to make money to buy food keeps me working!

  2. Big Fella says:

    No more sick than me, “theme restaurant” had also come to my mind.

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