Need To Get It Off Your Chest?

There is a new blog, just for you, Dear So and So.

It’s mission, as stated by it’s author:

“It’s anger bubbling just under the surface. That guy who cut you off in the parking lot or the idiot who deliberately threw a fist full of french fries out his car window, laughing as they stuck to the face shield of your helmet as you wrestled to keep your motorcycle upright. The Woman in McDonald’s screaming at her teary-eyed two year old. The talking head on TV seemingly in need of a proctologist to find his remaining gray matter.

It’s grief puddling do deeply you’re about to drown. The father you didn’t get to say goodbye to. The grandparent whose love you miss in tanglible ways. The pet who was happy to see you, loved you unconditionally, no matter how bad your mood.

It’s a missed friend. A lost love. A secret you need to share with someone, even anonymous strangers online.

It’s the letters you’ve always wanted to write, but had no where to send them to. Dear So and So… unsent letters, finally sent.”

“Letters” run the gamut from serious to humorus, some very touching, others just a steam relief valve.  So even if you don’t have your own blog, here is a place to just get it off your chest.

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