The Catholic Church: Breaking One Commandment Was Not Enough

Note: previously reported here was the first, and we thought, the only instance of the Catholic church going to extraordinary lengths to avoid their responsibility by breaking one of the ten commandments, we were too optimistic. 

Apparently breaking the 9th commandment (old testament, 8th commandment for Catholics) was not enough for the San Diego diocese of the Catholic Church, now it seems they have broken the 8th commandment (old testament, 7th commandment for Catholics): You shall not steal.

In this story and this story in the Los Angeles Times, and this story in the New York Times, the judge in the bankruptcy case of the San Diego diocese is concerned that the church might have tried to transfer money out of diocese accounts and hide the diocese funds in the accounts of local parishes, after declaring bankruptcy.  There also is evidence that some moneys may have been shifted prior to and in anticipation of the bankruptcy proceeding.  That is a big no, no in the rules of bankruptcy courts, and in our eyes it is simply stealing from any potential creditors, like maybe victims of abuse by the Catholic clergy who might bring and prevail in any lawsuits against the church.

This is a fine example for the church to teach their flock, abuse, lie and steal, and as long as it is done under the umbrella of the church, it is acceptable behavior. 

Is it not time for the lay members of the church to send a strong message to Rome that no one, not even priests, bishops, cardinals or the pope are above God’s law, that they serve God and humanity, and that the church is not an end unto itself.  Is it not time for all Catholics to remind themselves that you don’t need the real estate holdings and vast wealth of the Roman Catholic church in order to lead a moral, fulfilling life or to practice your religion, you can do that anywhere under the sun and stars on God’s green earth.

Two commandments down, only eight to go Bishop Robert H. Brum, how fast do you think you can break the rest?

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