Setting The Record Straight

Jessica Lynch set the record straight today during her testimony before the House Committee on Oversight & Reform.  Ms. Lynch does not consider herself a hero, as made out by the Army and the Administration in the early days of the Iraq war, it is apparent that she considers herself an abused tool of the executive branch of the federal government.

As noted in an article headed “Pentagon Challenged on Lynch and Tillman” by John Holusha  in the New York Times today:

In her testimony this morning, she said she did not understand why the Army put out a story that she went down firing at the enemy.

“I’m confused why they lied,” she said.

…Ms. Lynch said she could not know why she was depicted as a “Rambo from West Virginia,” when in fact she was riding in a truck, not fighting, when she was injured.

…For her part, Ms. Lynch said in her testimony that other members of her unit had acted with genuine heroism that deserved the attention she received. “The bottom line is the American people are capable of determining their own ideas of heroes, and they don’t need to be told elaborate tales,” she said.

Ms. Lynch may not be a hero of battle, but she is a fine example of the patriotic, honest, moral, ethical young men and women that the current administration has sacrificed without conscience in their single-minded pursuit of a war based upon lies and an arrogant denial of the will of the American people.

The misadventures in Iraq may not come to an end before the end of the current administration’s term, but it all will eventually come to an end, whether this administration prolongs their reckless exposure of our citizens and soldiers in the theater of operations,  whether or not the administration continues to lie, obfuscate and distort the facts in the pursuit of a mis-conceived agenda, whether or not before our defensive assets are totally depleted, whether or not future tax payers are able to pay the debt being incurred on their behalf, whether or not our country can repair the damage done to its standing in the world, it will come to an end.

When will Mr. Bush and his political bedfellows come to the realization that their reputations have already been made for posterity, prolonging the agony is not going to improve history’s view of them.  Give it up.  Admit that an “Axis of Evil” only lives in your own, warped minds, admit to yourselves that the American people have got your number, the game is over.

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2 Responses to Setting The Record Straight

  1. Stanley says:

    Our leadership used to stand on the moral high ground and denounce places like the USSR and China for their state run “propaganda” machines. When JFK sent his UN Ambassador, Adlai Stevenson before the General Assembly with photo’s and called out his counterpart from the USSR our country had irrefutable proof of our assertions. Contrast that with what Colin Powell took to the UN in order to justify our coming invasion of Iraq. We have become just one more country “spinning” our version of some “moveable” truth. Like so many Madison Ave. salesmen our diplomats and administration’s senior leadership under Bush are sent out to the Sunday news shows and before the world press corps and they shovel “crap” for public consumption like the good little Bushies they are. We have lost our moral compass, and we are wandering in an unfamiliar and hostile landscape with no idea which way to head. This is what 6 + years of George Bush and Darth Vad…er the “Dick”Chaney have given us. Of course Bush doesn’t care what the Congress has to say, or the citizens of our country have to say. He only listens to what “God” tells him. In any other time and place we would have him in a padded room wearing a jacket that ties with the arms in the back. But this “lunatic” and his chief henchman are running things here. Does anyone else out there find this to be one of the most frightening periods in the history of our country?

    — Good Grief and Good Luck —

    Stanley the Profoundly Scared American

  2. Big Fella says:

    Everything you say rings true, Stanley. I have been thinking about compiling a list of all of the things Bush and his stooges have done to undermine our protections under the constitution, and just thinking about it sickens me. The word that keeps coming in to my minder as I contemplate the Bush administration is facism. Not a pretty sight.

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