Renowned Feline Specialist Gives His All For A Cat

As reported today in the Los Angeles Times, James Richards, the director of the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Feline Health Center was killed yesterday, while riding on his motorcycle.  Apparently he tried to avoid running over a cat that was on the road, which resulted in his fatality in the crash of his motorcycle.

Dr. Richards and his associate Dr. Mew

Widely known as an authority on vaccine protocols for felines, Dr. Richards’ memory is honored by all of us here at BFD, including the four superior feline beings, Baxter, Bailey, Bliss & Murphy.  When asked to comment on Dr. Richards’ sudden demise, Mr. Baxter, the senior feline staff member commented, “He must have been called to an early reward for all of his past deeds on behalf of our kitty brothers and sisters, our sweet ancestors must need him up there now.”

In all seriousness, any human being who values all living beings is someone who’s life and values should be instilled in our children.


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2 Responses to Renowned Feline Specialist Gives His All For A Cat

  1. Stanley says:

    And, up until the point of the crash, Dr. Richards bike had been purring like a – er – umm – hmm. Never mind.

  2. ms. place says:

    Bless his heart. I would have the same reaction towards a cat, dog, or any animal.

    Despite the seriousness of Dr. Richards’ demise, Stanley’s comment is hysterical.

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