Deal? No Deal!

In typical fashion, Paul D. Wolfowitz, a long time Bushliburton administration operative, took a hard line, rebuting growing calls for his dismissal as president of the World Bank, stating:

“The goal of this smear campaign, I believe, is to create a self-fulfilling prophecy that I am an ineffective leader and must step down for that reason alone, even if the ethics charges are unwarranted,” he said. “I, for one, will not give in to such tactics. And I will not resign in the face of a plainly bogus charge of conflict of interest.”

Wolfowitz, one of the neocons egging on the Pentagon and the Bushliburton administration in terms of our military misadventures, left the Pentagon when Bushliburton nominated him for the presidency of the World Bank, at an annual salary of $400,000.  Apparently staff at the World Bank has been unhappy with Wolfowitz for quite some time, concerned that rather than supporting the historic policies of the World Bank, he has instead tried to insinuate a Bushliburton agenda in the organization, instituting policies downplaying the importance of global warming and opposing contraceptives and abortion in family planning programs.

It all seems to have come to a head, when it became known that not only did Wolfowitz help his girlfriend (house mate?) get hired by the World Bank when she left the Pentagon, but he personally intervened when he came onboard the World Bank and got her transferred to a job at the state department and negotiated a significant increase in her salary package, to in excess of $191,000, all in the name of resolving a conflict of interest if Riza had remained at the World Bank while Wolfowitz was in charge.

Wolfowitz is not a servant of the people and never has been, he is just another greedy, political operative, typical of the Bushliburton administration.  It seems that a majority of the board of directors of the World Bank, which is comprised of officials from various other governments, want Wolfowitz gone.  Wolfowitz has hinted that he might voluntarily resign his postion at the World Bank, if, the bank clears him of any misconduct.

This is typical of the mind-set of the Bushliburton community of operatives, whether it is Wolfowitz, or George Tenet who was handed a medal after his lack of backbone in hieing to the Bushliburton lies and distortions jusitfying the war in Iraq, or promoting Michael Chertoff to Secretary of Homeland Security, after his man, Michael Brown botched the hurricane Katrina response, or standing behind Alberto Gonzales, after he danced around congress and came across as either totally incompetant, or as liar, either case, not admitting to carrying out the Bushliburton political agenda, he gets an “attaboy” from Bush.  They all think that as long as they continue to be loyal foot soldiers to the Bushliburton agenda, that they are invincible and the hell with the American people, who they are supposed to serve.

No one is invincible, no one stands on top of the mountain forever.  Their day will come.

In terms of Wolfowitz, the World Bank needs to send a message to him and to Bushliburton, and can his ass.

More details are in this story in the New York Times.

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2 Responses to Deal? No Deal!

  1. ms. place says:

    We already know that this administration will go down as one of the worst in presidential history. Their shear arrogance and lack of understanding world politics is appalling. However, you got one thing wrong: It’s Bully-burton. Don’t even put Bush into the equation. This war was planned by Wolfowitz, Cheney, and Rumsfeld long before Bush even dreamt of stealing the presidency.

  2. ms. place says:

    Sorry, it’s sheer arrogance. I should check spell check before sending comments.

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