The Criminal Mind

Blind Love Leads To Incarceration

Antonio Moreno, of Inglewood, California had a problem.  He was in love.  The love of his life, however, lives in Santa Barbara, California, about 100 miles distant, and Antonio did not have any wheels of his own, let alone a driver’s license.  But the ever resourceful Antonio figured out a perfect solution, so he thought, as described in an article headlined Car thefts driven by love, police say by Steve Chawkins of the Los Angeles Times.

Antonio had knowledge of a technique, and a certain requisite tool, that would allow him to start any Toyota manufactured between 1987 and 1991, without need of keys.  When Antonio wanted to see his girlfriend, he would simply steal his preference, a Toyota Camry, from around his neighborhood in Inglewood, and drive up to Santa Barbara to see his girlfriend.  Apparently he would ditch the Camry from Inglewood in Santa Barbara, then steal another “local” Camry from his girlfriend’s Santa Barbara neighborhood when he was ready to go home.  There were a few occasions where Antonio had to settle for a lesser, Toyota Sentra, but he made do.

Antonio’s transportation “solution” worked about 25 times, until April 25 when Antonio was picked up by a regional car theft task force, behind the wheel of a 1988 Camry.  Now Antonio is facing charges in two jurisdictions, Los Angeles county and Santa Barbara county.  To make matters worse, his girlfriend told the police that she decided about two weeks ago to dump Antonio.

A bit of advice, too late for Antonio, but for any other erstwhile car thieving lotharios out there:

1.  Don’t keep stealing the cars from the same neighborhood, and don’t dump them in the same neighborhood, mix it up in different areas, and take the bus to shuttle from home to site of theft.

2.  Don’t think like a small-timer, if you want to impress your girl, you better pick her up in a hot new Lexus, or some other suitable luxury ride.

Then you can go to the penitentury knowing it was all worth it.

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One Response to The Criminal Mind

  1. ms. place says:

    Some thieves are uncannily smart. Most are stupid, as this one can attest.

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