Breaking The Impasse

A Solution To Break The Impasse Between Bush & Congress On The Iraq War

In a story from the Associated Press that just broke in the New York Times, the latest in the controversial war funding issue is that despite significant concessions from congress at compromise with president Bush over the war funding issue, Bush continues to stubbornly refuse to compromise.

Once again through one of his remaining congressional stooges, the president’s neocon inspired rebuttal implies disgrace and failure on our country if we move to extricate ourselves from the morass in Iraq:

House Republican leader John Boehner of Ohio accused Democrats of seeking ”an arbitrary surrender date” and said the GOP has enough votes ”to sustain the president’s veto on any bill” along those lines.

The Bushliburton administration has dragged out this display of their perceived manhood long enough, so now, we at BFD find it necessary to step in and provide the solution to Bushliburton’s conundrum of how to fund their continued disastrous adventures in Iraq without the acquiescence of a rubber-stamp congress.  The answer is very simple, and we are surprised that the GOP braintrust at Bushliburton has not figured this out on their own, it is just a simple business problem:

Problem: Not enough income to cover expenses.

Solution: Reduce expenses.

How can Bushliburton reduce expenses and continue to engage in their foolish adventures in Iraq?  Easy, as in any business, implement economic terminations (layoffs) of non-essential personnel.  Bush can start with giving the boot to Dick Cheny, Alberto Gonzales and Condoleeza Rice, then he can move on to the Bushliburton political operatives that inhabit some of the other cabinet secretary seats, and all of their appointed stooges, including any remaining Justice Department staff who have a higher loyalty to Bush than they do to the constitution.  Then drill down in to the staff over at the departments of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health & Human Services, Homeland Security, Interior, Labor, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs and remove all of the appointed Bushliburton operatives who have subverted matters of protection of our environment, the care and well being of present and past military personnel, our natural resources, the free education of our children, the development of practical alternative energy strategies, our position in world trade, etc.

Get rid of all of the overhead represented by the Bushliburton political agenda, let the departments of the Executive Branch be run by professionals who are servants of the people, not blindingly loyal political idealogs and you will save a big chunk of change, and can continue, at least for a short while, to fund your folly in Iraq, despite the wisdom of congress or the will of the people.

When the Bushliburton administration finally leaves office, they can be assured of their legacy, it will be the current body count accumulated in Iraq as of January 20, 2009.

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