Belief Systems From A Virtual Stone Age

In a posting titled The breast feeding at work fatwa in THE SAND GETS IN MY EYES blog it is reported that Ezzat Atiya, on staff at an Islamic think tank associated with al-Azhar Islamic University in Cairo proposes:

Since men and women who have both shared the same breast milk are considered related, and related men and women can technically be in the same room together, meaning the women could be unveiled, then the solution to gender apartheid like the kind used here in Saudi Arabia is to get women to breastfeed their male co-workers!

Amazing, backward logic, but not surprising, given the apparent belief in some Muslim cultures that if my sister is raped, I am honor bound to kill her, since her being a rape victim, would bring shame on our family.

The issue that we worry about here at BFD, is that such a culture continues to thrive in a modern world that has become smaller and smaller through the growth of human intellect and technology.   Are these people so insular as to be totally closed to considering some of their beliefs may be from a virtual Stone Age?  It seems so, at least for those religious extremists who seem to be in control of some of the Middle Eastern governments.  Of course that is no more extreme than it would be if the radical religious right had their way and managed to turn the United States in to a non-secular country.

Truly a scary thought.

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2 Responses to Belief Systems From A Virtual Stone Age

  1. ms. place says:

    No culture in the world seems to be as sex obsessed as this culture. Even the slightest transgression is rewarded with stoning or beheading or some other horrible punishment. This is just another example of the insanity.

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