Criminal Minds

A Case Of Dognapping In Malibu

As reported Wednesday in the Here In Malibu blog, there has been a case of a dognapping in Malibu.

We predict this criminal will be apprehended by the authorities very rapidly, not because she is driving a late model silver Mercedes, there are plenty of those in Malibu, not because she is a liar, there are plenty of those to go around in Malibu, not because she is 50 ‘ish, there are plenty of those in Malibu, not because she is a bleached blond, there are more than plenty of those in Malibu, but because you won’t normally find any overweight people rolling through the Hollywood playground of fun, sun, surf and rehab resorts.

We figure the cops ought to spot her just as easily as they had come across any middle aged drunken celebrity who might be tooling down Pacific Coast Highway…

And lo and behold Padme, the puppy has been returned to his family, as reported in Here In Malibu today:

Someone who knew someone who saw the “stolen dog” signs around town realized the puppy her mother had ‘adopted’ was the stolen dog.

Despite the example mom set for her offspring, the kid apparently has a better value system.  Wonder if there is a possiblity this kid can get a job in the Special Prosecutor’s office, and get Alberto Gonzales to heel to the will of the people.

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3 Responses to Criminal Minds

  1. ms. place says:

    Pretty funny, BF. Common wisdom says that if yo put a baby and a puppy in a politician’s lap, he’ll/she’ll get elected. From this news coverage, methinks this might be true.

  2. Stanley says:

    Just don’t put that kid in a priest’s lap. Election isn’t exactly the word that comes to mind in that scenario.

  3. lynette says:

    um . . . so it was a fat girl who kidnapped this dog? see? fat folks are just morally weak and inferior to our skinnier brethren (and sistren) 😉

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