OK, Dubya, Get That Veto Pen Ready

President George W. Bush is going to have to do some heavy lifting soon, the House again passed legislation to loosen the strings Bushliburton had previously placed on the stem-cell research issue.  Rick Weiss reporting in the Washington Post in his story headlined House Votes to Ease Limits on Stem Cell Research describes the latest effort by the rational thinkers in Congress to ameliorate the short-sighted restrictions that Bush had placed on the stem-cell research effort.

It is anticipated that the Bushliburton administration will again prevail with their politically skewed agenda which panders to an extreme minority view and which relies on ignorance and a closed mind, and it is frustrating legislators who are capable of clear, progressive, rational analysis and decision making:

“The Senate gets it. The public gets it. The House gets it. Why doesn’t the president of the United States get it?” asked Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colo.), the House bill’s primary sponsor. She noted that a Gallup poll indicates that 64 percent of Americans support embryonic stem cell research.

“For many, stem cell research is the most promising source of potential treatments and cures,” DeGette said. “Unfortunately, because of the stubbornness of one man, President Bush, these people continue to suffer and wait.”

Once again, we will have to steel ourselves to be patient, and wait for January 20, 2009 before we finally rid ourselves of the destructiveness and societal regression of the Bushliburton administration.  And once again, Bushliburton has assured their legacy to history, if they would only wake up to it.

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2 Responses to OK, Dubya, Get That Veto Pen Ready

  1. I just found your link on a Chowhound post. I’m reading your blog and nodding, and just had to tell you that I love the word, “Bushlliburton.”

  2. Big Fella says:

    Thanks, just thinking about Bush and those he surrounds himself with, the term “Bushliburton” was kind of a light-bulb moment.

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