The Paris Hilton Peter Pan Strategy

As Paris Hilton was hauled off in handcuffs from her Hollywood hills home this morning by the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department, an airplane overhead towed a banner that displayed the words “We love Paris. -The Darling Family”; the same message was displayed on a full page ad in today’s edition of the Los Angeles Times. 

It looks like besides an army of lawyers, Paris is appealing to her dog, Tinker Bell, for help, as it seems that Tinker Bell has reached out to the Darling Family of Peter Pan fame, perhaps Paris thinks Peter Pan will show up next and help her fly away from the medical ward of the county jail.   It wouldn’t surprise us if the dimwit (but promotionally savvy) high school dropout really thought that Peter Pan might be able to bail her over-exposed ass out, if that is the case, she better be careful, there might be a crocodile waiting for her to slip and fall.

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