From The We Couldn’t Make This Up Department

How Many Polish Soldiers Does It Take To Start An Off-road Vehicle When Deployed In Afghanistan?

Apparently at least two, one to go back to Poland to fetch the keys and one to actually start it, and two weeks to do it, as described by an item distributed by Reuters headlined: “Stolen keys delay start of military mission”

(Reuters) – Poland’s 1,200 troops assigned to NATO forces in Afghanistan will not achieve full combat readiness for up to several weeks due to stolen vehicle keys, the defense ministry said Thursday.

We had been told a 10 percent theft rate was likely in convoys brought in from Pakistan, but we had not expected the spare car keys to go missing,” defense ministry spokesman Jaroslaw Rybak told news channel TVN24.

“We shall have to send away for spares, so it may take from several days to several weeks for our contingent to become combat ready.

“According to media reports, Polish troops taking part in NATO’s International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) in Afghanistan have been assigned to patrol the mountainous border area with Pakistan to search for Taliban guerrilla activity.

The military vehicles used by Polish forces include Poland’s Land Rover-like Honkers and U.S.-built Humvees.

Polish soldiers ride around inside of “honkers”?!, Like we said, we could not make this stuff up.

A Polish Honker:

It looks like a stretched Jeep, but not as fun as the Honkers we might find here:

(File this posting under poor taste, but sometimes oh so necessary after reading the rest of the news of the day.)

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3 Responses to From The We Couldn’t Make This Up Department

  1. Stanley says:

    Are you surprised that 1,200 Polish soldiers couldn’t find the spare keys to their vehicles? How about 150,000 US troops looking for WMD and whiffing? Now that’s a Bush league joke of truly awesome proportions.

  2. ms. place says:

    Oh, my. This sounds like a Key Stone cops routine.

  3. lynette says:

    oh good grief. and no one can hotwire the things? they need some training from our military, now taking all comers including felons and others with challenges in the criminal behavior arena. you really can’t make this shit up.

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