The Veil of Islam: Saudis Take A Step Backwards

The following item appeared in the Los Angeles Times today:

Authorities have ordered banks to separate female and male workers at their headquarters, a new setback for women’s rights in the kingdom.

Banks are one of the main employers of women in Saudi Arabia. Although women are separated from men in branches, they have worked together in bank headquarters.

Saudi Arabia’s strict law and customs prohibit unrelated men and women from mixing, and women from driving cars and voting in municipal elections.

What are the men who run this country afraid of? The wrath of their God, or maybe just a loss of their virtual manhood. What they need to be concerned about is the loss of their humanhood. Through their subjugation of women they only retard the intellectual, economic and human development of their own people.

Maybe the Saudis ought to Google some of the following women who have contributed to society in the United States, and just maybe they will figure out that they are “missing the boat” in terms of the contributions that women in their society could potentially make:

Abdellah, Faye Glenn
Abzug , Bella
Adams, Abigail
Addams, Jane
Albright, Madeleine Korbel
Alcott, Louisa May
Allen, Florence Ellinwood
Alvarado, Linda G.
Andersen, Dorothy H.
Anderson, Marian
Andrus, Ethel Percy
Angelou, Maya
Anthony, Susan B.
Apgar, Virginia
Baker, Ella
Ball, Lucille
Bancroft , Ann
Barton, Clara
Benedict, Ruth Fulton
Bethune, Mary McLeod
Blackwell, Antoinette
Blackwell, Elizabeth
Blackwell, Emily
Bloomer, Amelia
Bly, Nellie
Bourke-White, Margaret
Bradley, Lydia Moss
Bradwell, Myra
Breckinridge, Mary
Brooks, Gwendolyn
Buck , Pearl S.
Bumpers, Betty
Bunch, Charlotte Ann
Cabrini, St. Frances Xavier
Calderone, M.D., Mary Steichen
Cannon, Annie Jump
Carson, Rachel
Carter, Eleanor Rosalynn Smith
Cary, Mary Ann Shadd
Cassatt, Mary
Cather, Willa
Catt, Carrie Chapman
Child, Lydia Maria
Chisholm, Shirley
Clinton, Hillary Rodham
Cochran, Jacqueline
Coleman, Bessie
Collins, Eileen
Colvin, Ruth
Colwell, Rita Rossi
Cooney, Joan Ganz
Cope, Mother Marianne
Cori , Gerty Theresa Radnitz
Croly, Jane Cunningham
Davis, Paulina Kellogg Wright
Day, Dorothy
de Forest, Marian
de Varona, Donna
DeVoe, Emma Smith
Dickinson, Emily
Dix, Dorothea
Dole, Elizabeth Hanford
Douglas, Marjory Stoneman
Dudley, Anne Dallas
Dyer, Mary Barret
Earhart , Amelia
Earle, Ph.D., Sylvia
East, Catherine
Eastman, Crystal
Eddy, Mary Baker
Edelman, Marian Wright
Ederle, Gertrude “Trudy”
Elion, Gertrude Belle
Evans, Alice
Ferraro, Geraldine
Fitzgerald, Ella
Friedan, Betty
Fuller, Margaret
Gage, Matilda Joslyn
Gibson, Althea
Gilbreth, Lillian Moller
Gilman , Charlotte Perkins
Ginsburg, Ruth Bader
Graham, Katharine
Grasso, Ella
Griffiths, Martha Wright
Grimke, Sarah
Grimke Weld, Angelina
Hallaren, Mary A.
Hamer, Fannie Lou
Hamilton, Alice
Harper, Martha Matilda
Harris, Patricia Roberts
Hayes, Helen
Height, Dorothy
Hicks, Beatrice A.
Hobby , Oveta Culp
Holdridge, Barbara
Holladay, Wilhelmina Cole
Holm USAF (Ret.), Major General Jeanne
Holt, Bertha
Hopper, Grace Murray
Howe, Julia Ward
Huerta, Dolores
Hunt, Helen LaKelly
Hurston , Zora Neale
Hutchinson, Anne
Jackson, Shirley Ann
Jacobi, Mary
Jacobs, Frances Wisebart
Jemison, Mae
Jones, “Mother” Mary Harris
Jordan, Barbara
Keller, Helen
Kelly, Bishop Leontine
Kelsey, Ph.D., M.D., Frances Kathleen Oldham
Keohane, Nannerl O.
King, Billie Jean
Kuhn, Maggie
Kwolek, Stephanie L.
La Flesche, Susette
Lange, Dorothea
Leet, Mildred Robbins
Lin, Maya Y.
Lindbergh, Anne Morrow
Locke, Patricia A.
Lockwood, Belva
Low, Juliette Gordon
Lucid, Shannon W.
Lyon, Mary
Mahoney, Mary
Mankiller, Wilma
Mayer, Maria Goeppert
McClintock, Barbara
McCormick, Katherine Dexter
McManus, Louise
Mead, Margaret
Mink, Patsy Takemoto
Mitchell, Maria
Motley, Constance Baker
Mott, Lucretia
Mullany, Kate
Novello, Antonia
O’Connor, Sandra Day
O’Keeffe, Georgia
Oakley, Annie
Parks, Rosa
Paul, Alice
Pennington, Mary Engle
Perkins, Frances
Peterson, Esther
Rankin, Jeannette
Reno, Janet
Richards, Ellen Swallow
Richards, Linda
Ride, Sally
Ridgway, Rozanne L.
Rogers, Edith Nourse
Roosevelt, Eleanor
Rose, Ernestine Louise Potowski
Roulet, Sister Elaine
Rudolph, Wilma
Ruffin, Josephine St. Pierre
Sabin, Florence
Sanger, Margaret
Saubel, Katherine Siva
Schiess , Betty Bone
Schroeder, Patricia
Schwartz, Felice N.
Scott, Blanche Stuart
Seibert, Florence
Seton, Elizabeth Bayley
Shaw, Reverend Doctor Anna Howard
Shriver, Eunice Mary Kennedy
Siebert, Muriel
Sills, Beverly
Smith, Bessie
Smith, Margaret Chase
Smith, Sophia
Solomon, Hannah Greenebaum
Stanton, Elizabeth Cady
Steinem, Gloria
Stephens, Helen
Stevens, Nettie
Stone, Lucy
Stowe, Harriet Beecher
Strong, Harriet Williams Russell
Sullivan, Anne
Talbert, Mary Burnett
Tallchief, Maria
Tarbell, Ida
Taussig, Helen Brooke
Truth, Sojourner
Tubman, Harriet
Vaught USAF (Ret.) , Brigadier General Wilma
Wald, Florence
Wald, Lillian
Walker, Madam C. J.
Walker, M.D., Mary
Warner, Emily Howell
Warren, Mercy Otis
Wattleton, Faye
Wauneka, Annie Dodge
Wells-Barnett, Ida B.
Welty, Eudora
Wharton, Edith
Widnall, Sheila E.
Willard, Frances
Winfrey, Oprah
Winnemucca, Sarah
Woodhull, Victoria
Wright, Fanny
Wu, Chien-Shiung
Yalow, Rosalyn
Yerkovich, Gloria
Zaharias, Mildred “Babe” Didrikson

For biographies of the women listed above, go to this page at the National Women’s Hall of Fame. Interested in reading more about the subjugation of women in Islamic dominated governments, please see this previous posting, and SAND GETS IN MY EYES blog.

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5 Responses to The Veil of Islam: Saudis Take A Step Backwards

  1. Stanley says:

    Unfortunately you have proceeded to completely scare the crap out of the Saudi Royal family and the Saudi religious leadership by giving them easy access to a list of strong, independent and accomplished women.

    What provides for a most telling illustration of the differences between a society that operates under Islamic religious law (sharia) and the legal system we exist under here is the absolute lack of any other religious faith being able to openly operate in Saudi Arabia.

    A secular society makes room for all faiths, equally. An Islamic fundamentalist society has room for no other faith. Go to Saudi and try and preach a Christian gospel and see how long you last. Which only tells me that we have to as vigilant and as rigorous as we can possibly be in our county to make certain that the Christian Right / Evangelicals never get to introduce ANY of their ideas into our legal / public system / society. From teaching Intelligent Design (a misnomer if ever there was one) in the science classes of our public schools to being able to post the 10 commandments in the courthouse lobby, we have to hold the line.

    Otherwise we are headed down that slippery slope to religious law replacing secular law. As Robbie the Robot was fond of saying “DANGER WILL ROBINSON! DANGER!

  2. ms. place says:

    Another reason to be ever vigilant to keep church and state separated in our country.

  3. lynette says:

    the moon is looking better as a permanent retirement home. i used to laugh at the elders in my life when i was a young wild thing. they were always bemoaning the way things were at that point in time, while holding up the past as far better.

    i guess i’m just becoming an old fuck, because i find myself increasingly disenchanted with what’s going on in the world today, and wishing desperately for better times every 20 years ago. crazy.

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