Now Playing: The Simpsons Movie

This important bit of business has been taking up the time of our staff here at BFD, which explains the recent dearth of serious posts.

Check out the cool web site for the Simpsons Movie, where you can take a virtual tour of Springfield, play some games and even build your own virtual Simpsons character.  While visiting Springfield, you just might see Big Fella’s virtual character show up.

Following is a shot from the virtual tour inside of Moe’s tavern, where you can watch Homer quaff a beer and belch in a continuous loop, that will keep you from working for a while.  Note the character to the left of Homer, that is one of our BFD staff members, doing research.

Enjoy your visit in Springfield, especially if you are doing it on the company dime, as for us here in the back room at BFD, we are going back to doing our research.

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