Maybe It Is Time To Take To The Streets

And Demand The Ouster Of Bushliburton

John Seery writing in the Huffington Post in an article titled Protesting Bush: If Not Now, When? makes a good point about the fact that for all the blogging that is going on, it has not done much to dissuade the Bushliburton administration from their mission to corrupt our constitutional freedoms and further their war profiteering agenda, or to stimulate our congress to follow through and put the brakes on the administration hooligans.

We could list the litany of abuses that Bushliburton have got away with for the past six years, but it is just too depressing, coupled with the fact that Bushliburton has thumbed their noses at the Congress and at the majority of the American people. Admit it folks, we have allowed Bushliburton to create a Fascist state. The majority in Congress knows this, but apparently they blink every time there is a confrontation with Bushliburton. Maybe it is time for the people, in great masses, and large frequency, to take to the streets and send a message to our Congress, it is time start the wheels in motion for the impeachment of the criminals George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. Get these scoundrels out of the Executive branch, and clean out all of their loyalist apparatchiks that they have infested our government agencies with.

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3 Responses to Maybe It Is Time To Take To The Streets

  1. Stanley says:

    I did find an invitation on my front porch this morning to a July 4th “Impeachment Picnic” at La Cienega Park, (what foods go best with Impeachment? – I know I would like to have a nice spotted Dick for dessert). I say let’s do it the old fashioned way ALA the French during their revolution. That ought to send an unmistakeable message that “We are mad as hell and we aren’t going to take it anymore!”

  2. ms. place says:

    These thugs use the same tactics that bullies have used since time immemorial – by twisting our words and meanings and turning them against us. Any protest against the war, and we are Un American. Any questioning of their tactics, and we are Un American. Any vote against George is a vote for Al Quaida. All of us, including the press, fell for those bully tactics, and so we kept our mouths shut. Stupid. Meanwhile, criminals like Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and Bush are allowed to run amuck in Lady Liberty’s hallowed halls, overturning our delicate system of checks and balances, and turning their noses up at the law.

    It’s time to march and protest, and shout our fury to the world.

  3. BML says:

    The saying is that Europeans protest too much and Americans not enough…so yes, I think it is time for mass demonstrations — if people can tear themselves away from their cafe mochas and shopping long enough…

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