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Which Gonzo Makes The Better Role Model For Your Children?

Which Gonzo makes the better role model for your children? Gonzo from Seasame Street. Gonzo from the Department of Justice.    Advertisements

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Tremors: The Paranoid Delusions Of Dick Cheney

After much research, and careful contemplation, the research staff here at BFD have come to the only reasonable conclusion a rational being could, in terms of what drives Dick Cheney.  Contrary to what may seem obvious on superficial examination, Dick … Continue reading

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Underwear = Knowledge

If It Weren’t For 13th Century Townies, We Would All Be Ignorant & Unhygienic As reported in The Guardian by Martin Wainright we have the development and adoption of drawers, or if you like, knickers or underwear in the 13th … Continue reading

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It’s Time To Put Some Skin In The Game: Bring Back The Draft

Time For The Profiteering, Warmongering Bushliburton Administration To Show What They Are Really Made Of It is time you, your operatives and your sons and daughters became intimately acquainted with this document: Instead of your conquest by proxy, George Bush, … Continue reading

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Motivation In The Face Of Adversity

Here is an image that should be plastered in every media outlet and school room in America: As reported in The Lede (a New York Times blog) today: Take a minute to read Rukmini Callimachi’s Associated Press dispatch from Conakry, Guinea, … Continue reading

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Real Blogs Of Real Celebrities

(Well maybe if their “handlers” and PR flacks all took the day off.) What does DeadEye Dick really think?  Check out News Groper to see the real minds behind the celebrities.  Unvarnished by writing hacks and spinmeisters, the thoughts that … Continue reading

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Way To Go Annie!

We Like The Cut Of Your Jib It is being reported that the BBC has had to issue apologies to both famed American photographer Annie Liebovitz and Her Royal Highness, the Queen, as reported in an articled titled BBC’s Queen … Continue reading

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