Gauging The Political Climate: Machete By Machete

Apparently, as reported by Reuters, one does not need a calendar or newspaper to discern when political campaigning is over and the general elections have been settled in Nigeria and all are at peace.  One just needs to check the price of machetes.  When the price of a new machete becomes half of the former going rate, in other words, when demand for “whacking tools” is down, and there are fewer whackees in need of whacking, the elections have been settled.

You gotta hand it to the ingenuity of those in the less developed world, they can achieve the same results with some simple farm implements that a neocon can, only after depleting the Treasury, starting an entire war and playing the terrorism tune for six years, based upon lies and pretext.

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One Response to Gauging The Political Climate: Machete By Machete

  1. Stanley says:

    The same sort of economic indicators are at play here. When in full “stump” mode the price of xanax, valium and prilosec are at their highest historic cost levels as demand drives the frantic need in a greater and greater percentage of our population. After the election is over the price begins to drop. Of course there is an exception for every rule, and the election of Bush and Darth Chaney has kept the price for all psychtropic / sedative class drugs at an all time high for the past 6 + years. An anomaly soon to be rectified.

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