Pass It On

The Bushliburton administration has told the American people to go screw themselves, it’s time the American people, through their Congress, remove these criminals who have corrupted their offices, abbrogated our freedoms, and enriched their cronies with power and money, all in the their perversion of the principals of our Constitution.

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3 Responses to Pass It On

  1. russkar says:

    Now BFD you know that Congress is made of Demo’s and their doing a Shitty job according to 73 out of 100 Americans so let’s not throw Rocks in a Glass House.
    The fact is our next Pres will probably be a Democrat like Jimmy Carter so be prepared for a long hard ride, by the way who ever it is won’t get us out of Iraq because were there to kick Iran’s ass, if you hadn’t gotten the memo? I would be happy to vote for either party but neither have a decent candidate?

  2. Big Fella says:


    You have got to stop listening to Fox Noise, it was not congress who:

    >Started a war based upon false pretenses.

    >Approved of breaking the Geneva conventions and began using torture.

    >Declared U.S. citizens as enemy combatants, denying them the rights of any other citizen.

    >Created the Military Commissions Act and denied prisoners habeas corpus.

    >Created renditions and secret prisons overseas.

    >Broke the cover of Valerie Plame, rendering her useless as a CIA operative, possibly exposing her overseas operatives to death, all to punish her husband for getting to the truth about the fact that no nuclear material was coming from Nigeria.

    >Lied to congress about the politicization of the Department of Justice.

    >Tried to do an end-run around Attorney General Ashcroft to impose illegal spying.

    >Did in fact bypass the special FISA courtyto engage in illegal wire taps, and interception of mail.

    >Make over 750 signing statements, which in essence, ignored the laws that they were attached to.

    >Veto every bill that Congress did pass that would in any way restrain the Executive branch from continuing to undermine our Constitution, continue to send our military in to harm’s way, continue to deplete the Treasury and mortgaging our debit to Communist China, who are the largest holder of U.S. Treasury bonds in the world, and subject our children’s future to an incredible war debt.

    You have the Bushliburton administration to thank for all of this, not the Congress. Please don’t let Mr. Murdoch’s propaganda turn your brain to mush.

  3. Stanley says:

    There is a simple reason why the public have such a low opinion of Congress — they don’t understand that the lack of veto proof majorities in the House and Senate prevent the Dem’s ending the war and kicking Bush and Cheney’s asses to the curb. But don’t despair, after the next election the Republican’ts will be going back to their home districts for a well desereved, permanent vacation.

    Impeach Bush League and Darth…err Dick Cheney

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