Are You Up For This Job?

Durex Australia is looking for a few good, vigorous men:

More details in this story headlined Stretch your talents as a condom tester.. distributed by Reuters.  This is an unpaid position (and any position while testing is acceptable), probably to avoid any consequences with authorities over local prostitution laws.  However, out of an anticipated 200 condom testers, one lucky winner will be awarded 1,000 Australian dollars.  The story and the Durex website do not, however, explain the criteria necessary to win the bonus nor how a participant would be judged.

Note to all potential condom testers: You might want to inquire as to how the condoms will be tested, with a real live woman?  With a blow-up doll?  With some used girlie magazines?  In a peep show booth?  With a real live man?  This just might be one of those deals that is too good to be true.

If anyone is still interested in this line of work, we at BFD are happy to recommend that you check out Heidi’s Stud Farm, soon to open in Crystal, Nevada by former Hollywood madame, Heidi Fleiss. This sounds like a much better deal for would be studs than the Durex deal, in that staff members at Heidi’s will split the $250.00 an hour stud fee, fifty fifty with the house, and will keep all tips.  And there is a special bonus also, voyeurs take note, as a stud farm hand, you will be featured on an HBO show.

Heidi Fleiss, Entrepreneur

Interested applicants can apply online here.  Wannabe studs who don’t make the cut, still can get on Heidi’s payroll at her soon to open Dirty Laundry, a laundromat to open in Pahrump, Nevada.  Someone has to keep the sheets clean.

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2 Responses to Are You Up For This Job?

  1. lynette says:

    well hell. why not? in my misspent youth, i could have qualified as a condom tester 😉 not in my sedate dotage, though. i’ll pass the word to the frisky among us . . .

  2. Stanley says:

    I recall before one of the big games between USC and UCLA many years ago that one of the wittier UCLA buttons read “Trojan’s pop under pressure” while the SC buttons that I liked simply said “FUCLA” — what this has to do with condom testing I’m not quite sure, but in my stream of consciousness world it all makes perfect sense.

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