The Futility Of Trying To Better Mother Nature

Self Mutilation As An Antidote For Low Self-esteem

Ms. Place over on the Dishin’ Dat blog in a posting titled “The Skinny On Things” shares some thoughts and photos of various males and females with various body “types”.  A conclusion that the brain trust here at BFD takes from her posting, and from our own ongoing independent observations, are that a significant segment of the population have been hoodwinked in to believing that their ticket to success and happiness in life is based upon some contrived ideal of a modern, attractive human being.

Impressionable or shallow minds are being fooled by media and the marketplace in to believing that the artificiality of their physical presence, as manifest by their body type, their attire, the beauty products they use, the cachet of the designer items they swath and accessorize themselves with, the lengths that they will go to in terms of artificially re-defining their bodies (whether extreme body builders, anorexics or plastic surgery junkies), are the only attributes that are important in terms of their success and happiness in life.

We believe that the people who fall prey to this mindset, are simply lending themselves to exploitation and are avoiding facing the fact that they are emotionally crippled, and would be better served by competent, honest, counseling.  We understand the legitimate need for reconstructive plastic surgery, we abhor and condemn those who practice the business of cosmetic enhancement or cosmetic surgery and we pity those who subject themselves to cosmetic enhancement or surgery.

In our view, the following two examples of cosmetic surgery, are not simply aberrations, they are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of demonstrating how so many people have developed such shallow and foolish values to navigate their way through life.

Michael Jackson Version 1.0


Michael Jackson Version 2.0


Michael Jackson Version 2.5


Michael Jackson Version 3.0


 Michael Jackson Version 4.0


Michael Jackson Version 5.0


Michael Jackson Version 6.0


Michael Jackson Version 6.5


Michael Jackson Version 7.0


Michael Jackson Version 8.0

Jocelyn Wildenstein, after investing in excess of $3.9 million in cosmetic surgery, and she still lost her husband to another woman.

Which of the following statements do you agree with?
Michael Jackson should have left well enough alone.
Jocelyn Wildenstein should have left well enough alone.
As a parent, I would not want my child exposed to either person.
I don’t know what your problem is, there is nothing wrong with any version of Michael Jackson.
One of these people is totally nuts.
Both of these people are totally nuts.
Get over the superficiality of it all, both are beautiful people inside.

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4 Responses to The Futility Of Trying To Better Mother Nature

  1. ms. place says:

    Yes, you have to ask yourself: What are they seeing in that mirror? It can’t be reality, because they would be horrified to see themselves as others do.

    I love my relatives dearly, but some are so obsessed with dieting, exercise, wearing someone stranger’s initials or name on their clothes and branding themselves by wearing expensive and trendy outfits, that I find the whole rat race appalling. Are we so easily led by Madison Ave? It seems so. I plan to pursue this idea of self-mutilation at some later date. Yours was a fabulous start. Thanks for taking my idea and running with it!

    Now, for some fun. I was unable to recap Hell’s Kitchen with a straight face this week. This episode was deliciously absurd!

  2. lynette says:

    We believe that the people who fall prey to this mindset, are simply lending themselves to exploitation and are avoiding facing the fact that they are emotionally crippled, and would be better served by competent, honest, counseling.

    I don’t know, Wayne. I think the science of mind control and brainwashing has been utilized to good effect in the service of corporate profits. I am increasingly paranoid and suspicious, and perhaps that’s a sign of mental illness or, more likely, simply evidence of the blinders having been ripped from my eyes. Everything in our society ~ EVERYTHING ~ is geared toward encouraging us to consume, to buy, to not accept what we have because there’s something better and I. Must. Have. It. Now!!!

    This sense of not being good enough is HUGE in terms of the profit-making possibilities for cosmetic, pharmacy, insurance, medical industries. If we all simply accepted ourselves as we are, corporate profits would drop. We must, therefore, be brainwashed into a lack of acceptance because only then will we be willing to throw out exorbitant amounts of money in the fruitless effort to become perfect.

    The thing that enrages me is that these perfect images we see in magazines ~ male and female ~ are products of software, not of sperm and egg. So we are, in essence, telling people to shoot for something that is not achievable and as a byproduct, eating disorders and self esteem problems and depression are off the charts. It’s a crazy world we live is one that affects us all.

  3. Stanley says:

    What’s really frightening is that Jocelyn Wildenstein (didn’t I see her acting opposite Linda Hamilton in Beauty and the Beast?) looks better than Michael “Wacko Jacko” Jackson, (she wins by a nose).

    Just let me have a little (no size pun intended) Nigella Lawson (love bites indeed) and I’ll die a happy and fulfilled (all food pun intended) man.

  4. Big Fella says:


    Just came across this quote:

    “Advertising may be described as the science of arresting the human intelligence long enough to get money from it.”

    -Stephen Leacock (a deceased Canadian economist & humorist).

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