Way To Go Annie!

We Like The Cut Of Your Jib

It is being reported that the BBC has had to issue apologies to both famed American photographer Annie Liebovitz and Her Royal Highness, the Queen, as reported in an articled titled BBC’s Queen row deepens in The Guardian.

Apparently the BBC spliced two unrelated scenes with the Queen together and played them to the media while doing promotion for a documentary on the Queen:

In the first scene, Leibovitz was shown asking the monarch to remove her crown so the shot would look “less dressy”. The queen was shown replying: “Less dressy? What do you think this is?”.

The next scene showed the Queen walking away and complaining to an aide: “I’m not changing anything. I’ve done enough dressing like this, thank you very much.”

Staff and management here, at BFD are proud to salute Annie Liebovitz for taking a shot at knocking the old gal off her pedestal.  We think it is fine time for all of the monarchy to toss their crowns, and get a real job, instead of sponging off the “commoners”.

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3 Responses to Way To Go Annie!

  1. ms. place says:

    Oh, my, snark. How delicious.

  2. lynette says:

    oh shoot. just when i was hoping to gain my own crown of diamonds 😉

  3. Stanley says:

    We are not amused (but this cheeky blogger shall be abused)!

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