Motivation In The Face Of Adversity

Here is an image that should be plastered in every media outlet and school room in America:

As reported in The Lede (a New York Times blog) today:

Take a minute to read Rukmini Callimachi’s Associated Press dispatch from Conakry, Guinea, which you’ll see widely picked up by newspapers and news Web sites large and small today.

And be glad you can. The subjects of the article are students trying to prepare for exams in a country so poor and so misgoverned that four-fifths of the population has no access to electricity at all, and the rest get only sporadic service. In order to read and study in the dark of the evening, the article reports, flocks of children as young as seven are walking miles to one of the few places in the country where the lights are sure to be on: the parking lot of the Conakry airport, which stays open for an Air France flight that arrives around midnight.

The United States, while held in low esteem by many throughout the world today, is still the richest, most open society in the world, let’s not squander it.

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One Response to Motivation In The Face Of Adversity

  1. ms. place says:

    Thank you for this amazing photo. What a dose of reality.

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