Tremors: The Paranoid Delusions Of Dick Cheney

After much research, and careful contemplation, the research staff here at BFD have come to the only reasonable conclusion a rational being could, in terms of what drives Dick Cheney.  Contrary to what may seem obvious on superficial examination, Dick Cheny is not an evil, war mongering, war profiteering, constitution subverting, right wing, wacko politico on a power trip.  He is simply a paranoid delusional cowboy from Wyoming with an over active imagination.

Dick identifies with that slightly askew, but lovable survivalist, Burt Gummer, who hides out hunkered down in his bunker somewhere in the badlands out west.

And it so happens sometimes, when his pacemaker gets a little out of whack, when he has forgotten to take his meds, and Haliburton’s stock price takes a dip, Dick starts channeling Burt, on the hunt for the Al Qaeda monster which is everywhere, under our feet, as any right thinking neocon operative would know.  So Dick goes in to national defense mode, like any red blooded Wyoming cowboy would.

Knowing these facts, the rational majority can rest assured that as long as he doesn’t get us in to a military confrontation with Iran before January 20, 2009, our poor, addled, war time profiteering puppet master, DeadEye Dick will eventually retire to Castle Cheney in the Wyoming wilderness, and gently fade away, while slaying the dragons in his mind.

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3 Responses to Tremors: The Paranoid Delusions Of Dick Cheney

  1. ms. place says:

    First, kudos for the new sleek streamlined look of your blog. I like. Second. Dick the dick is indeed a Count Dracula figure. Bastard had better be hobbled. He’s done enough to wreck our cache with the universe as we once knew it.

  2. Big Fella says:

    Thanks, ms place, still working on the new blog theme, you just had a preview, until I can resolve some issues.

  3. lynette says:

    having married a wyoming cowboy, the antithesis of deadeye dick, i have to blame the scumbag’s utter corruption and contempt for those he views as less worthy than he on his itty bitty microscopic tiny penis. there’s no explanation. i despise him.

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