Across The Pond Department: The 20th Annual Toilet Awards

Only the Brits would have, not just the Loo Awards, but the 20th Annual Loo Awards & the Attendant of the Year Award.  Knowing that the British people really appreciate their quaint customs (the Queen and fox hunting come to mind) it is no surprise to BFD that there would be a long tradition of the British people honoring the very best public toilets in the realm.  That this particular tradtion only goes back 20 years, as opposed to say, 10 centuries, is perfectly understandable, as it is widely known that chamber pots were not replaced with modern plumbing technology until Word War II, when American GI’s introduced the porta-potty to Great Britain.

As reported by Mark Oliver in the Guardian Unlimited News Blog, the commode inspectors are a small, but apparently dedicated force:

In the coming weeks, a team of 12 secret inspectors will check out the nominees for evidence of pristine bowls, fresh-cut flowers and free-flowing pump soap.

Nominations for the best toilet in all of Great Britain have been extened and are being accepted from the public through the end of the month of August.  Anyone wishing to nominate a British water closet may do so at the official web site of the Loo Of The Year Awards which is promoted by, we kid not not, the BTA (British Toilet Association). 

Complete competition rules and official nomination forms can be downloaded from the web site.  This is serious business for the Limeys, as there are a total of 57 specific categories of toilet facilities they are asking the public to rate, only as posted by one commenter on the Guardian Unlimited blog, apparently the entire population is not familiar with the concept of public toilets:

I didn’t know there were public loos in Britain. Bugger me!

-Posted by starchaser on July 31, 2007 10:18 AM.

Yes, there are, and they are not those little red cubicles on street corners with all the little windows in them.

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4 Responses to Across The Pond Department: The 20th Annual Toilet Awards

  1. ms. place says:

    Does this mean the Brits will be voting for which US politician most deserves to be flushed publicly down a loo?

    Oh, drat. They actually did mean vote for a public Loo. Those Brits are so droll and clever.

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