Across The Pond Department: Doctor Quinn Party Woman

Apparently those English actor blokes really know how to throw a party. It was reported in the Evening Standard that Jane Seymour, known to American TV viewers for her starring role as Dr. Michaela Quinn, in the 1993-1998 series “Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman” is being hauled in to court for being too much of a party animal:

The 56-year-old actress has a 24-hour alcohol and entertainment licence to hold round-the-clock events at her grade one listed manor, St Catherine’s Court, near Bath.

But neighbours, fed up with revellers disturbing their tranquillity, say the parties are “totally inappropriate”.

Ian Plaister, St Catherine Parish Council chairman, has led action to overturn her licence.

Dr. Quinn, the same good doctor who migrated to Colorado Springs soon after the civil war so she could provide quality medical care to the local townspeople, and local native Americans, while single-handed raising some orphans, has her own liquor license? What type of medications does she prescribe?

We also think that Mr. Plaister needs to lighten up, maybe Plaister would do well to get plastered once in a while and learn to enjoy life, like the good doctor has.

Mr Plaister said: “They have gone about this in completely the wrong way.

“What we are concerned about is the public nuisance because traffic is clogging up a road that is only eight feet wide. That is totally inappropriate.

Is Mr. Plaister daft? It is all perfectly logical. Of course if you had your own personal liquor license for your home, having eight foot wide roads leading to, and more importantly from your home, is totally appropriate. Why with a road that narrow you will be guaranteed that any impaired drivers will not be weaving between lanes.

We think that we really want to make the acquaintance of the good doctor. Blimey those Limeys do know how to have a good time.

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