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The Power Of The People

How A Totalitarian Government Is Afraid Of Bloggers As reported by CNN this afternoon, Burma (Myanmar to the thugs who run the country) has cut off all Internet access: The Internet connection in Myanmar was cut Friday, limiting the free … Continue reading

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At Least One Democrat “Gets It”; When Will The Rest?

New Mexico governor and presidential hopefull Bill Richardson blogging at The Huffington Post today: Come January, Americans are going to have to start making a very important choice: do we want to end this war or keep it going? Do … Continue reading

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Border Patrol Develops New Program For Quick Deportation Of Undocumented Aliens

As reported by Reuters, the ever resourceful officers of the U.S. Border Patrol have developed a highly efficient, new process for expediting the deportation and return of illegal Mexican aliens to their home country.  The process is highly cost efficient, as … Continue reading

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Wiff-Dra Fr-Um Eye-Rak

Why President Bush Refuses To Withdraw From Iraq; Just A Matter Of Phonetics As reported by ABC News, on-air, and on their web site in an article titled “Bush’s UN Speech Full of Fone-eh-tick Pronunciations for World Leaders“. But this … Continue reading

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The World’s Oldest Blogger: She Can Teach Us About Blogging & Life

Olive, born October 20, 1899. Her blog is titled The Life Of Riley.  Her name is Olive, she is 107 years old and she lives and blogs from Australia.  Some have claimed that while she does not do the actual typing … Continue reading

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Two More Patriots’ Lives Thrown Away By George W. Bush

What a terrible, senseless tragedy, two honest, concerned patriots killed in an American military expedition that they knew had been extended far too long by our uncomprehending president. Yance Gray and Omar Mora, we salute you, and we will not … Continue reading

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The Catholic Church: Still Getting Their Priorities Wrong

It is appalling that as reported by Rebecca Trounson in the Los Angeles Times, that a group of nuns will be thrown out on the street and their convent dissolved as one of the outcomes of the pedophilia scandal that … Continue reading

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