iPod, iPhone; iHypeOverload

The big announcements from Apple today:

If you were one of the first adopters, standing in line two months ago to get your hands on your very own iPhone, go ahead and beat your head against a wall, the gadget you bought is now second tier, with a newer, improved version available for $200 less than you paid to be a trendster on the first go-around.

If you are one of the millions of happy iPod owners, it’s time to throw that old iPod away and upgrade to the iPod touch, after all how are you going to be able to keep up with all our trendier friends who are surfing Youtube and the rest of the web on their iPhones?

While all of the iDroids are running to the Apple store, uber marketeer, Steve Jobs will be wearing out his fingers, tallying up sales receipts for his latest package of consumer narcotic-gadgetry.  And for those of us who don’t have any compelling urge to buy in to the marketing hype, our slightly aging cell phones, let alone the phones tethered to a line cord, will still allow us to make and receive calls, our computers in our homes and offices will still work just fine (well as fine as the technology giants can make it and still make a buck) we will still go to school and work, the buses will still run, the trains will still run, the planes will still fly, maybe a little late, but still fly, the mail will get delivered, we will all pay taxes, or go to prison, and some of us will have plenty of extra cash on hand to maybe buy a few good books, and be able to show someone where Albania is on a map, let alone know what Albania is, without need of a GPS enabled, tune playing, web surfing gadget.

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5 Responses to iPod, iPhone; iHypeOverload

  1. WorshipCity says:

    Your ranting is humorous and I love hearing ‘the other side’ I just like it to be mostly accurate. Did I miss out on some info? What has been updated and ‘improved’ on the already new iPhone? I know they’ve dropped the price 200 bucks but I don’t know of any enhancements. I believe its still the same great device and still tier 1 coolest gadget in my opinion.
    The iPod touch will need to upgrade it’s hard-drive space before it really takes off.

  2. Big Fella says:

    We were under the impression that Apple had beefed up the storage capacity of the iPhone as part of the announcement, if not, then in our book it is still nothing that is going to improve our life. Now if we were Apple shareholders, over the long term, it might be another story.

  3. Craig Price says:

    WorshipCity – I think he was actually giving iPhone the benefit of the doubt and assumed they were improving the iPhone. In fact, by not improving anything and rereleasing with the fanfare, it kind of proves his point even more. Where’s the value?

  4. Stanley says:

    Rushing out to pay $200 too much for a product like iphone reminds me of that old saying about people who have “more money than brains”. iphonies perhaps?

  5. ms. place says:

    I fervently believe in following reverse trends. Last year I bought a new VCR tape rewinder, knowing that these machines are probably obsolete. Wanting the save the VCR player I have, I thought it a prudent investment for my library of VCR tapes. This coming week I am purchasing a friend’s old Ipod shuffle for $20; he bought an upgrade, even though his shuffle has served him well. I’ll use it for downloading audio books.

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