The Legacy Of George Walker Bush

This is George Walker Bush, and this is how he would like you to remember him:

This is the real legacy of George Walker Bush (portraits by Timothy Greenfield-Sanders):

Eddie Ryan

Dawn Halfacker

Dusty Hill

Crystal Davis

Jake Schick

Jay Wilkerson

John Jones

Jon Bartlett

Mike Jernigan

Dexter Pitts

Terrel Dawes

Bryan Anderson

Oyoanna Allende

Ryan, Halfacker, Hill, Davis, Schick, Wilkerson, Jones, Bartlett, Jernigan, Pitts, Dawes, Anderson and Allende are real patriots, and true American heros.  How many more heros like these have to suffer for the folly of George Walker Bush and his legacy?

Learn the stories of these American heros Sunday night (also available to cable subscribers On-Demand):

America must begin leaving Iraq now!

(Crossposted at Out Of Iraq Bloggers Caucus.)

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7 Responses to The Legacy Of George Walker Bush

  1. --Blue Girl says:

    Wow. Very powerful.

    Are you aware of the Out of Iraq Bloggers Caucus?

    It started as a reciprocal blogroll and we have grown to the point we started a blog for the members to post all of our Iraq-related content.

    This photo essay would be a very powerful addition.

    Check it out at:

    If you are interested send me an email.

  2. ms. place says:

    That blew me away. Your blog makes mine seems very inconsequential at present. This is your best post yet.

  3. Prissy says:

    Good job, I hope it hits home. This military family supports your work!

  4. Big Fella says:

    Blue Girl-

    Thanks, I am on board with you now at

    ms. place-

    Always appreciate your comments, I think we view a lot of things the same way. It pleases me to know that maybe this blog brings a little awareness mixed with a little levity to other people.


    Thanks for the comment, I am so in awe of, respectful and thankful of those who serve us in the military.

  5. Dr X says:

    Very powerful post. Is that a prosthetic heart Bush is wearing on his chest?

  6. lynette says:

    do you wonder if george bush will ever even see these people? i am reminded of the pro-iraq war ad campaign recently started by ari fleischer. when interviewed about one of the severely injured servicemen speaking in the ad, fleischer didn’t even know his name.

    bodies are bodies to people like bush and fleischer and the rest of the neocon thugs. bodies of the poor and middle class are simply fodder for their grand dreams of global domination and ever richer bank accounts.

    i am distressed recently to learn of how very insulated bush is. he is not allowed to see protesters. individuals attending events at which he is speaking are screened closely for any indication they may pull an anti-war stunt, with secret service being especially watchful for fabric signs folded under clothes.

    heaven forbid this singleminded fool hear a note of dissent. he is surrounded by yes men and women and it disgusts me that he is so convinced of his rightness he thinks holding fast to a disastrous decision is evidence of great strength.

    this photo essay, wayne, is very moving. i recorded the program because it came on at 9:30 and i wanted to give it my full attention.

    i wish HBO would play this nonstop on every one of its channels starting at 8 a.m. . . . wake up, america.

  7. Stanley says:

    But don’t you realize how much crying Bush does for those poor wounded soldiers, (and their brothers and sisters in arms who will never be coming back to their families)? But once God tells you to go to war what’s a little “collateral damage”, (especially since George sheds all those tears, which must make the horrific carnage he and Dead Eyed Dick unleashed okay)? After all, God and George are tight, (the G-boy’s).

    Keep up the good work, Ollie.

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