The World’s Oldest Blogger: She Can Teach Us About Blogging & Life

Olive, born October 20, 1899.

Her blog is titled The Life Of Riley.  Her name is Olive, she is 107 years old and she lives and blogs from Australia.  Some have claimed that while she does not do the actual typing input for her blog that she is not a real blogger.  People who believe that are so misinformed.  Olive’s words on the page and her prescence in her videos are perfect examples of the power and value of blogging.

Her stories can be entertaining, inspirational and educational.  Olive is one of the world’s elders, someone who has lived and continues to live a full life.  We can all learn from the Olives of the world.

Here’s a great five minute video, which ends with Olive on the dance floor.

Let’s all cherish, honor and pay attention to our own personal Olives.

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4 Responses to The World’s Oldest Blogger: She Can Teach Us About Blogging & Life

  1. Mike Rubbo says:

    Thanks, big fella for your supprt. yes, Olive gets a lot of help but is is suffused with her spirit and her oltimism, isn’t it.

    It’s so much fun helping olive become an inspiration.

    mike the helper

  2. Big Fella says:

    And all good cheer to you, Mike. I think you are more than just a “helper”, more of a kindred soul.

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