Beware The Neglected Jelly

Beware the lowly jellied candy, neglect or disregard of its exalted status can be hazardous.  Jellied candies are to be preserved in a place of honor, always.  After honor, and prior to putrescence, jellied candies are to be consumed by the human energy production system with appreciative gusto, followed by sufficient gratitude.

Don’t believe this?  Then take a lesson from an Osaka business executive, as reported by Reuters:

A disgruntled Japanese worker smashed up his employer’s office in a fit of pique after his boss ignored his gift of jelly desserts, a national paper said on Thursday…

When the employee realized that his boss had left the box of jellies unopened under his desk, he smashed 22 computers in the office with a truncheon, the paper said. No one was injured in the incident.

Beware the neglected jelly.

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