Chalk One Up For The Good Guys: Spammers Get Five Years In The Clink

As reported in the Guardian:

One of the world’s first successful prosecutions against internet ‘spammers’ has seen two men sentenced to five years in jail in Arizona.

The two, who sent millions of unsolicited pornographic emails and netted millions of dollars, were the subjects of the first US prosecution under new federal anti-spam laws, US Department of Justice officials said.

Jeffrey A Kilbride, of Venice, California, and James R Schaffer, of Paradise Valley, Arizona, bought lists of email addresses and sent the owners links to pornographic websites, prosecutors said. They were convicted of charges including conspiracy, money laundering, fraud and transportation of obscene materials after a three-week trial and were sentenced by a federal judge in Phoenix.

The Guardian reports that these two mokes transmitted over 600,000 spam emails, without further quantification. We are surmising that in actuality these two boys sent 600,000 different spam solicitations to hundreds of thousands, if not millions of discrete email addresses.  Five years of free room and board is too easy on these guys, here is what we would like to see:

Assign an email address to these two criminals’ cell, install a computer printer with an infinite supply of paper and ink just outside their cell, arranged to spew hard copies in to their cell.  Crank up the email and start by generating 600,000 spam messages addressed to their cell.  Exclude their cell from any trash removal, for the duration of their stay.

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