Taking It All Off Because Of Global Warming

In our previous post titled “Baring Your Butt (and more) For Art” we brought our readers the story about 20,000 people who shed their clothes in a public square in Madrid, all in the name of art. Today we bring to you a short video, courtesy of Greenpeace about 600 people who hiked up to a Swiss glacier and bared it all not only for art, but to bring attention to the fate of the Earth if we let Global Warming continue unabated.

View the video here.

While 20,000 people exposing themselves in public for the sake of art might be noteworthy (in one way or another), we think 600 people exposing their bare bodies on a high mountain glacier, because they are concerned about the life of our planet has more meaning and impact upon all of humanity.



For more information, visit Step it Up.

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