The Clueless Losers File: The Huntress With No Conscience

Hat tip to John Walkenbach at the J-Walk Blog, who picked this up and shared it in the Blogosphere.

Meet Mary Rakotz of Avon, Minnesota, who we would like to nominate as the Clueless Loser, So Far, Of The Year.

As reported by WCCO, a local CBS affiliate in Minnesota, Rakotz killed a rare albino deer last Saturday on Opening Day of deer hunting season in Mille Lacs County, Minnesota:

She said it was thrilling to see the rare animal, but 100 times more exciting to be able to actually take it home.

“I had heard that it might be in the area, so I thought that here was my chance of a lifetime. So I had to creep a little bit, probably about 40 yards, to get a good place where I could steady myself a little bit. But then I did that and shot and it went right down,” said Rakotz.

Rakotz said she isn’t sure if she has room to mount the buck, so she’s contacted Cabella’s to see if they’re interested in buying it.

She also said her family and friends are pretty excited for her, and maybe even a little jealous.

Is this what our country has come to? Is this an example of the values we teach our children, that seeing a rare, albino deer in the wild in itself is not the chance of a lifetime, but the opportunity to kill that rare animal for sport is the chance of a lifetime?

Here is a shot of the deer, after it was shot by Rakotz, if you have never seen an albino deer, this is what one looks like, in death, with a bullet hole in its neck.

If there were ever a case for PETA to get involved in something, this gratuitous slaying of a rare animal, simply for bragging rights seems like it would qualify, in spades.

The fact that this event was conveyed as a human interest story by WCCO says a lot about the judgement of that media outlet, regardless if their market may be comprised of rural folk who value hunting and fishing, and the virtues of fresh air, self-reliance and independence, this was just an example of mankind at its selfish worst. WCCO did a disservice to the viewing public presenting this story as some sort of triumph by a misguided huntress.

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6 Responses to The Clueless Losers File: The Huntress With No Conscience

  1. Anna says:

    I posted an excerpt of this article over at… which you might enjoy knowing of as a place where pet lovers band together to sort of try to keep things straight for our furry friends.

  2. Dusty says:

    As someone who’s father hunted for food and not gratification, I find this appalling.

    The deer was barely legal too, judging by his rack.

  3. Big Fella says:

    Anyone doubt the NRA will make this woman their poster girl?

  4. ms. place says:

    People know better than to talk about hunting in front of me. Once upon a time man HAD to hunt for food to survive. Once upon a time, game had plenty fields and woodlands to survive in. These days they are so desperate to find sustenance they are willing to risk living near throwbacks like this woman in order to find food.

    Someone ought to paint her white and use her as a target for paint ball. See how she likes it.

  5. bonnie asdourian says:

    This woman is the most selfish person I have ever heard of. I know that bad things you do will always come back to haunt you and she will get hers one day! I have such love and respect for nature as it was put here to live and enjoy ,just like us humans. She took the very last breath from this white beauty and for what, so she can be recognized on the news, well she is known but not in a good light. I would like to see someone take something she treasures away from her( children excluded from my comment) put that on the news there will be no sympathy for this cold hearted person….

  6. Big Fella says:

    It kind of makes you wonder, someone who so easily slaughters an animal for “sport”, what kind of value does she place on other living beings, including humans? She must have a very shallow life.

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